SEO for EdTech company – vmedulife software


vmedulife, a leading educational software provider, sought to overcome stagnant online visibility and SEO challenges. The goal was clear: boost organic traffic and regain a competitive edge.


Limited Organic Traffic: Struggled to attract organic visitors.
Intense SEO Competition: Competitors dominated search engine rankings.
Website Size Complexity: Large website posed optimization challenges.


Technical SEO Overhaul: Addressed site issues affecting performance.
Keyword Optimization: Strategically optimized content for relevant keywords.
Competitor Analysis: Identified and addressed gaps in the competitive landscape.
Content Strategy: Created SEO-friendly content, including blogs and case studies.

Project Result & Benefits of Project

Increased Organic Traffic: Saw a substantial rise in organic website visits.
Improved Rankings: Surpassed competitors in search engine rankings.
Enhanced Visibility: Established as a prominent player in educational software.