Website designing for a leading Makeup Artist in Pune

Problem Statement:

After having substantial experience in the beauty industry, Pallavi, a leading makeup artist in Pune, wanted to establish herself as a brand. The makeup artist wanted a website that does justice to the portfolio that aesthetically shows the beautiful makeups created by her. She wanted to have individual pages for each occasion so that the visitor can easily find the pictures of the respective occasion. She did not want to compromise with the quality of the pictures at all as that was the whole and sole medium to showcase the quality of her work.

Our Solution:

Packed with the imageries of beautiful makeups crafted by the makeup artist, we created separate portfolio page for each occasion. This makes it easier for the website visitor to find and check the makeups done for the respective occasion she is looking for.

The makeup artist’s portfolio website includes a separate page for each bride. Along with the beautiful makeup pictures, this page also comprehends Pallavi’s narrative of how the bride’s dream wedding look was created penned by our expert content writing team. The bride-to-be who is looking for a makeup artist can really understand and relate to her situation. Apart from the quality of the work, this gives an extra push to the bride-to-be to make a decision and pick Pallavi for her D-Day.

The website incorporates different ways of Call-to-action buttons, for example, contact forms, a WhatsApp button and a “Call Now” button for a visitor to call or make an appointment with the makeup artist.

Project Result & Benefits of Project

The website made it easy for Pallavi to share her portfolio whenever anyone asks for it. she just has to share the link, and that’s it.

The SEO-friendly content on the website attracts the brides-to-be and potential women looking for a makeup artist on Google. There is a drastic peak in the number of enquiries for her.