How Did Anupam Eye Care Modernize Their Logo for a New Era?

Client Overview: Anupam Eye Care, is a reputed eye care clinic that aims to provide exceptional eye care services. The clinic sought a modern logo that would reflect its commitment to quality and innovation across various platforms, from hospital stationery to large screens.

Problem Statement: Dr. Rajiv Gandhi wanted to redesign the clinic’s logo to align with contemporary aesthetics and ensure its versatility across different mediums. The new logo needed to be modern, visually appealing, and capable of representing the clinic’s brand identity effectively in various applications.

Objective: To create a modern, versatile logo for Anupam Eye Care that would meet Dr. Rajiv Gandhi’s vision and be applicable across all platforms, from small-scale stationery to large digital screens.

Solution: DigiCompanions took a structured approach to redesigning the logo, ensuring it met all of Dr. Gandhi’s requirements.

  1. Initial Consultation and Requirement Gathering:
    • Conducted several detailed discussions with Dr. Rajiv Gandhi to understand his vision and specific requirements for the logo.
    • Identified key elements and colors that needed to be incorporated into the new design.
  2. Concept Development:
    • Designed three initial logo concepts, each reflecting a modern and professional aesthetic.
    • Presented the concepts to Dr. Gandhi and gathered his feedback.
  3. Revisions and Refinements:
    • Worked closely with Dr. Gandhi to refine the selected concept.
    • Made several revisions based on detailed feedback, ensuring the logo aligned perfectly with his expectations.
    • Provided helpful suggestions and industry insights to enhance the logo design.
  4. Finalization and Delivery:
    • Finalized the logo after multiple iterations and approval from Dr. Gandhi.
    • Delivered a high-quality, versatile logo that could be effectively used across all mediums.

Highlights of the Process:

  • Flexibility and Collaboration: We emphasized flexibility throughout the design process, respecting the client’s requirements and being open to multiple revisions to achieve the desired outcome.
  • Expert Insights: Leveraged our expertise in logo design and industry knowledge to provide valuable suggestions that enhanced the final logo.
  • Conceptual and Attractive Design: Ensured the final logo was both conceptual and visually appealing, meeting the modern standards expected by the client.


  • Modernized Brand Identity: The new logo successfully modernized Anupam Eye Care’s brand identity, making it relevant to contemporary aesthetics.
  • Versatility Across Platforms: The logo proved to be highly versatile, suitable for use on hospital stationery, digital screens, and other promotional materials.
  • Client Satisfaction: Dr. Rajiv Gandhi expressed high satisfaction with the final logo, appreciating our flexibility, collaboration, and the conceptual strength of the design.

Conclusion: This case study demonstrates how DigiCompanions successfully redesigned the logo for Anupam Eye Care, meeting the client’s vision for a modern and versatile brand identity. By emphasizing flexibility, expert insights, and a collaborative approach, we delivered a logo that enhanced the clinic’s image and satisfied the client’s needs.