Transforming Financial Advisory: How Artharushi’s New Digital Identity Boosted Engagement and Conversions

Client Overview:

Mr. Avinash Nikam is a seasoned financial advisor with over 15 years of experience, specializing in financial planning for women (housewives), retirees, and police officers. His unique concept intertwines financial health with overall well-being, inspired by the philosophy that “health is wealth.” Mr. Nikam emphasizes learning sustainable financial practices from a “Rushi” (Monk), who embodies wisdom beyond typical emotions of fear, hope, and greed.


  • Finding a fresh and unique name for the new online venture
  • Designing an attractive logo that aligns with the brand’s philosophy
  • Developing a beautiful, responsive website that is completely in Marathi
  • Highlighting the advisor’s books, webinars, seminars, and Marathi financial quotes
  • Creating engaging content in Marathi
  • Integrating event/seminar landing pages and lead generation forms
  • Providing support and suggestions for video content creation and integration on the website


  • Brainstormed and suggested the name “Artharushi,” which resonated deeply with the client’s concept and vision
  • Designed a logo that reflects the brand’s philosophy of achieving sustainable financial balance through wisdom
  • Developed a fully responsive, eye-pleasing website with a user-friendly interface
  • Created and integrated content entirely in Marathi, making it accessible and engaging for the target audience.
  • Included dedicated sections for books, webinars, seminars, and Marathi financial quotes
  • Developed landing pages for events and seminars to facilitate lead generation and registration
  • Assisted the client in conceptualizing and creating video content, providing valuable tips on video generation, concept creation, and shooting
  • Integrated videos seamlessly into the website to enhance user engagement


  • Initial Consultation and Planning: Conducted in-depth discussions with Mr. Avinash Nikam to understand his business, vision, and requirements. We provided suggestions that went beyond the initial scope of services, including the business name.
  • Name and Branding: Suggested the name “Artharushi,” which Mr. Nikam appreciated for its connection to his concept. Designed a logo that visually represented the brand’s philosophy and appealed to the target audience. The logo concept was challenging as it needed to connect finance with a monk and the core concept of “Fear, Hope & Greed.” The final design features a meditating monk with a rupee coin symbolizing finance, and the emotions of fear, hope, and greed represented by the colors red, orange, and green.

Website Development:

  • Design: Created an aesthetically pleasing, responsive website that provides an excellent user experience across all devices.
  • Content: Developed engaging content in Marathi, including detailed sections about Mr. Nikam’s books, webinars, seminars, and financial quotes.
  • Functionality: Integrated landing pages for events and seminars, enabling easy lead generation and registration. Also, included sections for video content.
  • Video Content Support: Provided extensive guidance on video creation, from conceptualizing ideas to shooting and integrating videos into the website.


  • Increased Lead Generation: The integration of event landing pages and the overall website functionality significantly increased the number of leads collected for webinars and seminars.
  • Enhanced Corporate Connections: The professional and comprehensive website has attracted more corporate clients who are impressed by the information available online.
  • Centralized Information Hub: The website serves as a 24/7 information provider, allowing Mr. Nikam to share all his expertise and resources through a single link.
  • Positive User Feedback: Received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users, who appreciated the brand-like feel of the website and logo. The content was praised for being engaging and well-written.

Support for Video Content: The client’s video content, integrated seamlessly into the website, further enhanced user engagement and provided valuable information to the


This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Artharushi and our team, showcasing the transformative impact of a well-executed digital strategy. By providing comprehensive solutions