Problem Statement

Oncoheal offers nutrition plans for particularly cancer patients. The team of nutritionists wanted to increase their online presence to be able to connect to their potential audiences. So they required a website that clearly talks about the different services they offer for cancer patients along with an easy and attractive user interface. The users should easily find the call-to-action buttons to get connected with the nutritionists.

Our Solution

DigiCompanions designed a website for nutritionist specialised in Cancer nutrition that fulfilled all their requirements. It was important to equally highlight “Cancer” along with “nutrition” in the website to avoid the client from getting false leads requiring regular nutrition plans.
So our web designing team made sure to incorporate elements, images, and icons that point up to cancer as much as nutrition.

Different Call-to-Action are provided for the visitors such as a “Call Now” button, a WhatsApp button, a live chatbot and a simple contact form.

Project Result & Benefits of Project

It became so much easier for them to reach to a wider audience through the website and acquire new clients.