Website designing for doctors association – PCOA (Pimpri-Chinchwad Orthopaedic Association)

The association had to spend a large number of administrative resources on signing up new members and keeping track of existing ones. Sending out sign-up forms, processing payments and updating member information was a tedious job.

PCOA (Pimpri Chinchwad Orthopedic Association) was looking for a website that allows the members to register with the association submitting their documents like degree, PGDM certificates and other related documents along with payment.

Our Solution:

We have designed a dynamic website for doctors association wherein the doctors can register to the association through a simple form. The admins are given a simple dashboard from where they can post latest news and updates regarding the association. The members can also initiate discussion with the members and the other members can join it. For Example, if a member comes across an interesting case in his practice and he wants to share it with the fellow doctors, or if some other member has to solve a challenging case and he needs help with it, he can use the platform to seek help.

The member-registration form on the website for doctors association asks the doctors details wherein the members can submit the required documents and pay the membership fees online. The form entries are sent to the administrators through email. From the dashboard given tho the admins, the admins can accept or reject the membership. After the admins accept the membership, the doctor gets an email saying their membership is accepted along with their login details.

Now, this new member can login to his account and can get access to the updates and news of the association, initiate or take part in the discussion.

The website also incorporates registration forms for different conferences & workshops held by the association. The interested doctors can register and make online payment. The admins get access to the entries in an excelsheet.

Project Result & Benefits of Project

The whole administrative work of managing the members’ information, processing data, and conference entries has become very easy for the association.
The members have got access to a private discussion forum to ask their queries, and doubts and share knowledge.
The network as become much more stronger as they can get contact details of fellow members with a single click.